London born, Ojai raised and currently residing in Scotland, I created this space to share my latest recipe creations, writings and hopefully to create a community of like-minded seekers!

As a certified holistic nutritionist, I believe in the power of whole-food nutrition and that the simple act of cooking and eating together can prevent illness and promote optimal health. My approach is largely informed by my study and fascination with cultural variations in diet and the subsequent influences on longevity and happiness. The opportunity to study Anthropology of Food & Nutrition at a graduate level in London,  nurtured this interest and led me to conduct a research project exploring the common threads of the cultural diets which rank far superior in longevity than the global average.  

I believe that access to and knowledge of how to make healthy food should not only be a human right but can be one of the most powerful tools of change for the individual and community.

My goal as a whole-food personal chef, nutritionist and recipe developer is to help people transform their relationship with food from convenience to conscious consumption. I believe that through re-writing the mainstream and often inaccurate nutritional advice, where the focus is on modifying food to have the lowest possible nutritional content (i.e. low fat, low calorie, low cholesterol...etc), and instead highlighting the health promoting and delicious properties of food in its whole and natural form, the body and the world can begin to heal. My aim is to re-empower my readers, clients and friends to create beautiful and honest content to inspire maybe just-one person to reawaken their body's innate knowledge, eat well and thrive! 

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!

Professional Credentials & Education:

MA Anthropology of Food and Nutrition : University of London, SOAS, UK ('15 - '16 )

Certified Holistic Nutritionist : Bauman College, Berkeley, CA ('12 - '14)

BSc Psychology and Health : University of Sussex, UK (09 - '12)

Cleansing and Detox Specialist ; Lagos, Portugal

Raw Food Chef ;  Spain

Private Chef : 5 years, internationally