As a nutritional and wellness advisor

Nutritional Anthropology 

What is nutritional anthropology?  

As a field of research, nutritional anthropology is primarily concerned with the influence and interactions of biological, social and cultural factors on individuals and a populations food consumption and nutritional status. 

 Why this approach?

 This approach rather than drawing conclusions based on statistical output alone (for example; obesity rate in a specific community), provides context and encourages inquiry into contributory factors (e.g. dietary ideology, beliefs and cultural patterns) perhaps not seemingly obvious. 

 Why does it work?

Largely informed with my graduate degree in this subject, this broader lens not only provides me with a more comprehensive perspective into the mechanism contributing to food and health behaviors, but also ability to make more informed recommendations. 

Functional Wellness

What is functional wellness?

Functional health or wellness practitioners understand that dysfunction precedes disease and use lab testing to pinpoint the underlying root causes of unfavorable expressed symptoms or ailment. By placing an expressed symptom or disease in context of one’s health, diet and lifestyle, this perspective provides insight and practical recommendations to restore optimum physiological and psychological functioning. Through the use of functional lab analysis as well as understanding of how the body functions on a cellular, neurological and behavioral level, a more complete picture can be drawn, and modifications made appropriate.